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Outfitting the laboratory with proper science lab furniture for schools makes a measurable difference in terms of the area’s workflow, safety, and operator efficiency and comfort. Lab benches, chairs, stools, tables, work surfaces, and storage cabinets are kinds of science lab furnitures and fittings used in all types of facilities, including medical, chemistry, and life science labs.

Here are some of our top science laboratory furniture for schools and industry. Many of them are not already made, so we request a week notice at least pre-pick up or delivery.

You can also send us the dimensions and pictures of what you need and we will make it for you ASAP.

Top Science Lab Furnitures and Fittings

  1. Classroom Lab Tables and Workstations
  2. Classroom Stools and Chairs
  3. Classroom Storage Cases and Bookcases
  4. Classroom Furniture Accessories
  5. Classroom Mobile Units
  6. Classroom Sink Units
  7. Mobile Storage Cabinet with Chemical Guard Top
  8. Oak Table with Plain Apron and Solid Phenolic Top
  9. Four-Station Steel Workbench with 12 Horizontal Locker Openings 
  10. Two-Book Compartment Oak Table with Chemical Guard Top: Electrical Option: 34 in. Height 
  11. Drawing Table System
  12. Two-Station Steel Workbench with Two Door Units 
  13. Mobile Instructor’s Desk 
  14. Instructor’s Drafting Table
  15. Maple Wall Cabinets
  16. Rolling Cabinet
  17. Mobile Work Bench
  18. Layout Table
  19. Planning Tables
  20. 12-Station Service Center 
  21. Mobile Storage Cabinet 
  22. Diversified Spaces™ Wall Shelf
  23. Sewing Table
  24. laboratory central bench(island bench),
  25. laboratory side bench , washing laboratory bench (sink bench),
  26. Reagent rack
  27. Base cabinet
  28. laboratory stools of different designs, shapes, sizes and beauty.

Fittings include:

  1. Plastic Sink
  2. Ceramic sink
  3. 1, 2 or 3 way Gas taps
  4. One way water tap
  5. 2 way water tap
  6. Two step table open shelves

To send us your dimensions for your science lab furniture, please chat on WhatsApp

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