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Analysis Helpdesk


Dear Client, thank you for choosing to run your chemical analysis/ laboratory testing with Allschoolabs Scientific. To link directly to the answers that you need, we have created this analysis helpdesk.

This page contains ALL the information you need. Please patiently go through the links to get all your questions answered. Alternatively, you can use our Audio Support.

The following web links cover our analytical services:


List of chemical analysis and lab testing that we currently run

  1. ✔️ Our list of analysis Here
  2. ✔️ List of medical tests we run Here


Special Instructions for every analysis

  1. ✔️ Instructions regarding my analysis Here
  2. ✔️ How to prepare and package my samples for analysis? Here
  3. ✔️ Where to send my samples? Get the address & map view Here
  4. ✔️ Dispatch company to take up my sample. Here


Samples of our results Here 

  1. ✔️ Unit one
  2. ✔️ Unit two
  3. ✔️ Unit three


Conditions for analysis Here

  1. ✔️ How much do I pay for my work to begin?
  2. ✔️ How long before I get my results
  3. ✔️ How will I get my results


Costs for analysis Here

  1. ✔️ Costs for Units one, two, and three
  2. ✔️ What is the difference between units one, two, and three and which do I use for my work? Click Here
  3. ✔️ Make balance payment for my work Here


Apply for analysis Here

  1. ✔️ How to pay for my analysis
  2. ✔️ Make balance payment for my work Here


Result checker to check the status of your work Here


Procedures for our equipment

  1. ✔️ Procedures of unit one, unit three analysis Here
  2. ✔️ Procedures of Unit Two Analysis Here


Explanation of Results Here (then follow the link on no 8)

✔️ I need my results interpreted/explained


Refunds & Sample Return

  1. ✔️ I need a refund for analysis not done. Here (then follow the link on no 7)
  2. ✔️ I request the return of remnant samples. Here (then follow the link on no 10)


References & Citations Here

  • ✔️ Our analytical office for citations


We Sell, Install/Calibrate, Train & Service Analytical Instruments

  • ✔️ See videos and make requests Here


Questions to Answers

  1. ✔️ What is the difference between units one, two, and three? Click Here
  2. ✔️ How long before my results are ready? Check Here
  3. ✔️ How will I get my results? Go Here
  4. ✔️ I have many more questions to ask. Check Related Questions
  5. ✔️ My questions are not listed in the FAQs, Chat Here


Reps & Allies (ONLY), Analysis Here


FREE Resources & Helps Here


Allschoolabs chemical analysis, reagents, lab equipment, apparatus and supplies

Chat with a Rep Here

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