Payments & Top-ups

To make payments or top-ups for goods and services rendered on the Allschoolabs website, kindly use any of the options below. You can also pay for your preorder and etcetera here.

Payments can be made in any currency.

Payment Options

World Remit Link: World Remit

Remitly Link: Remitly


Bank Name: Access Bank Plc.

Account Name: Allschoolabs Scientific

Account Number (NUBAN): 1407582395

Phone Number: +2348163383206

Payment Top Up - Naira

Payment Form (Nigerians)

This form enables you to pay for your order in Nigerian Naira.

For offline payments, send through any medium to 1407582395, Allschoolabs scientific, Access Bank. Ensure that your name is in "NARRATION" field.

Payment to Allschoolabs Scientific – 1407582395, Access Bank Plc.

Use this address to deposit Bitcoin (BTC):


Use this address to deposit Tether (USDT):


How to make Payments or Top-ups

  1. Enter First and Last Name
  2. Enter Email
  3. Enter Phone Number
  4. Select your purpose of making the payment
  5. Input Amount to pay
  6. Choose payment gateway
  7. Make payment

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