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Lab Sinks, Water/Gas Taps, Faucets

Here are the most requested lab furniture fittings from our outlets nationwide including Laboratory sinks, Gas taps, water taps and more in different colors and dimensions.

Lab Furniture Fittings

Lab Sinks

Equipment in the lab needs to be clean, so having fresh water that is not contaminated is essential. With a science lab sink, you can install an option that has water filtration, ensuring any contaminants are removed with ease before cleaning of instruments or supplies as well as washing hands.

  1. Epoxy Sinks
  2. Ceramic Sinks

Sinks we have in stock.

  1. Epoxy black sinks
  2. Epoxy white sinks
  3. White Ceramic sinks
  4. Stainless steel sinks
Epoxy resin sinks are the most popular laboratory sink material and are highly resistant to many acids, solvents and other inert chemicals found in both commercial and educational applications.

Lab Water Taps

Tap water generally used for: cleaning dirty glassware before further washing, cleaning the laboratory and washing excess chemicals/samples down the sink. Obviously, not drinking! Tap water not used for: making up solutions, final cleaning of glassware, or any other application that will directly impact the work.

In many cases, the laboratory water taps can be just as important in a scientific and educational environment as gas taps! They are vital in keeping the cleanliness of the lab station. Our water taps are made for both potable water and non-potable water. Comes for either cold or hot water or in a mixer version. Wall mounted; Bench mounted.

1 way lab water tapLab Water Taps we have in stock

  1. 1 way water tap
  2. 2 way water tap

Gas Taps

Gas taps are used to control the flow of a variety of gases in laboratory applications. The most common being natural gas and LPG gases. Gas taps are available to suit most pressure gases within this environment. This device controls the flow of gas through a pipe from its supply source. Here at Lab Central we provide a range of lab taps that are suitable for both scientific and educational needs. These taps have controls situated on them for both combustible as well as non-combustible gases.

3 way gas tapGas taps in our stock

  1. 1 way gas tap
  2. 2 way gas tap
  3. 3 way gas tap

Other Fittings

eye wash fittingClick Here to see photos of these sinks and more. To see Video, Go Here

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