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Application for analysis - allschoolabs

Application for Analysis, Apply for Analysis


Dear Client,

Please ensure that you have gone through our Conditions for Analysis and the List of Analysis we currently conduct before you submit your application for analysis.


Thank you for choosing Allschoolabs.

Allschoolabs conditions for analysis
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Please DO NOT fill this form more than once for the same application. Before you fill, kindly scroll through to note files for attachments.

Application for Analysis

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⚠️ Read ME:

  1. Choose OFFLINE  Payment if you are applying in Nigeria and PAYSTACK to pay from anywhere else in the world.
  2. For whichever mode of payment you choose, Ensure that you click PAY & APPLY and that you got an email confirming submission.
  3. We do not commence analysis until at least 80% of the payment has been received and this form successfully submitted.
  4. We do not send part results on part payment.
  5. For offline payment, please send to 1407582395, Access, Allschoolabs scientific. Afterward, attach proof of payment to this form before submitting it.
  6. Kindly go through our CONDITIONS FOR ANALYSIS before filling this application.

To make a balance payment or Top-ups, Click Here

Sample Collection Center

Analytical Office: C1, God’s Promise Building, Bells Drive, Ota Ogun.

Contact no: 08163383206 (preferred)

Application for Analysis

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