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Microscopic organisms and samples require the use of a microscope to magnify an image large enough to view. The compound light microscope is commonly used to view transparent objects that can fit on a microscope slide. A microscope slide is a thin, rectangular glass plate that can hold a variety of microscopic specimens. There are different ways to prepare depending on the type of specimen you are viewing.

Objects magnified under compound microscopes are mounted onto slides. Made of glass or plastic, they are approximately 1×3 inches and between 1mm-1.2 mm thick.

Here are some that we stock and distribute nationwide and internationally.

We also sell the clean microscope slides (72pis/packet) and cover clips (100pis/packet).

Microscope prepared slides allschoolabs

Prepared Slides and specimen

  1. Plankton,
  2. Eubacteria,
  3. Cynobacteria,
  4. Hydra,
  5. Yeast,
  6. Red and
  7. White blood cell,
  8. Blue- green algae,
  9. Ciliated protozoan,
  10. Moulds,
  11. Toad stool
  12. Plant cell
  13. Animal cell
  14. Amoeba
  15. Spirogyra
  16. Tissue
  17. Paramecium
  18. Monocot root
  19. Dicot root
  20. Protozoa

And More 

To see Photos of these Prepared specimens, slides and more, click here

We also stock Charts, Models and Skeletons

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