Refund & Return Policy

Last Revised: 11/05/2023

Items not eligible for returns 

Pharmaceuticals. All Pharmaceuticals are third-party products. Please ensure that you confirm products with your physician and on our live support channels before you order.

Products that have been altered/damaged from their original packaging or opened by unauthorized personnel without permission.

Products with tampered seal, or missing serial Universal Product Code numbers (UPC).

Products damaged due to misuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I request the return of an item?

Please call us on +2348063383206 or send an email to You can also chat with us on Whatsapp (+2348063383206) or via any of our contact channels.

2. Can I return if my item is outside the warranty period?

No, you will be required to refer the item to the manufacturer’s service centre.

3. How do I return an item?

After your claim has been validated (after sending a video clip or picture of the item delivered), a return will be authorized for the item to be returned to the closest Allschoolabs centre to you. You may bring the item or send it via mail.

4. Can my item be retrieved?

Yes. Retrieval can be approved only for validated complaints of wrong, damaged, or incomplete items.

5. Can my warranty be voided?

Yes, a warranty is voided once an item within the warranty period is opened or referred to a technician(s) not affiliated with the manufacturer.

6. I initiated a return but have not gotten a response, and it’s been over 72 hours, What do I do?

Please contact us

7. Do I have to return the gift when I return a product?

Yes, any gift must also be returned.

8. How do I track my return status?

We will keep you updated by WhatsApp, text, or email about the status of your return.

9. Once the return of my package is done, how long will it take to be refunded?

Depending on the complaint, a refund would take 6 business hours to a maximum of 7 business days after the return is confirmed or the claim is validated.

10. Can I return my item after 7 days?


11. Why was my item redelivered to me instead of a refund?

Returned items will be redelivered to you if we cannot validate your reason for returning them.

12. How long do I have to request a return?

You can request a return within 7 days for all eligible items if:

  • You receive a wrong, damaged, defective, product standard/quality, or incomplete item.

When returning an item, ensure all seals, tags, and accessories are left intact and the item is in its original packaging. If you have created a password on the device you wish to return, please ensure it is removed; otherwise, your return will be invalid.

13. Order Not Dispatched

For orders not dispatched (perhaps as a reason of sudden price change or order cancellation), kindly request refunds using the form below.

Please note that validation of your claim and successful refunds to your bank account may take up to 6 business hours to a maximum of 7 business days from application.

Thank you for choosing Allschoolabs.

Refund Form

Please DO NOT fill this form more than once for the same request. Doing so will cancel your application. On submission of this form, your refunds claim will pass a process of validation and will be automatically credited to your bank account.

This process may take from 6 hours to a maximum of 7 business days. 

Thank you for choosing Allschoolabs all the time! 


Our current payout is limited to NGN and USD bank transfer, and Cryptocurrency.

For further inquiries, please use any of the channels on our contact page

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