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Result Samples

Dear valued client, we no dey do “mago mago“. Towards 100% transparency and credibility, we have uploaded result samples from our numerous lab testing. Also visit our video pages to see videos of our analytical processes.

Please ensure that you are satisfied before you proceed to apply for your work Here.

Our Results come watermarked. If you don’t want yours so, please click “NO” in your application for analysis

Allschoolabs Lab Testing and chemical analysis, research and product testing

Result Samples from Unit One Lab Testing

FTIR – Download, Raw Data – Download

SEM – Download EDS – Download

XRD Spectra – Download, Download , Raw Data – Download

Gas Analyzer – Download

Water Analysis – Download

XRF – Download

DSC – Download, Raw Data – Download

Thermal Conductivity – Download

BET & Raw Files – Download

TGA/DTA – Download,Raw Data – Download, Download

GCMS – Download, Raw Data – Download

Phytochemical Download

Proximate Download

Calorific Download

UV Download

Texture Download

Hardness Test Download

Cellulose Download

Particle Size Distribution(P.S.D) Download

ICP-OES Download, Raw Data – Download

NMR (PROTON)Download, Raw Files – Download. (CARBON 13) Download, Raw Files – Download


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—————————————————-Allschoolabs laboratory equipment

Result Samples from Unit Two Lab Testing

FTIR  – Download, Raw Data – Download

SEM – Download

TEM – Download (on hold)

DSC – Download

BET – Download

DTA/DTG  – Download  Raw Data  – Download

XRD – Download, Raw Data – Download

XRF – Download

AAS  – Download


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Unit Three Result samples

SEM – Download

EDS Download


XRD, RAW FILES – Download


BET, RAW DATA Download

XRF, RAW DATA Download

DMA – Download

GCMS – Download