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Special Instructions for your analysis

In order to get you on the same page with us as regards the analysis of your choice, we have the following special instructions for your analysis.

Special Instructions regarding some analysis

  1. If you have special instructions regarding your work, please state so in your application for analysis form.
  2. For SEM, kindly state in your application form, the 3 magnifications required. If you don’t, we will proceed with our default magnifications which are 500, 1000 and 1500.
  3. For EDS, by default, we use mapping method.
  4. To run GCMS, we require that your samples be free of moisture. If we trace water then we must do the extraction for you, it is N4000 per sample for extracting.
  5. For XRF, (if you can,) please pelletize before sending your samples.
  6. For XRD, if you can , please give us your compounds of interest so that we can match with such compounds.
  7. For Proton NMR, you’d need to state in your application if the compounds are synthesized or natural. Then the solubility profile of each sample is needed that is, what solvent are the samples soluble in. This is to confirm if the deuterated form of the solvent is available.
  8. For Thermal Conductivity Tests, samples can be prepared in 5cm² x 0.5cm or you make it the size of a coin. If you can’t, please inform us before applying.
  9. For UV, please include in your application, the solvent that was used, method (if its absorbance, transmittance, etc) and wavelength range.
  10. We require 500ml per sample for any water analysis.

How to Prepare & Package Your Samples for analysis

  1. For Liquid samples, per analysis, measure 5ml
  2. Measure 2grams per analysis for solid samples
  3. Liquid samples should be sent in sample bottles, pet bottles, or any air-tight container.
  4. Solid samples should be sent in zip lock bags, sample bottles, or any air-tight container.
  5. Samples should be labeled legibly with paper tape, marker, or writing pen.
  6. Labels should be short and precise (not more than 3 words).
  7. All samples must be strapped together and secured in a bag prior to transport.
  8. Write the Following on the Bag, or Envelope “Allschoolabs Analysis – Receiver: Madison, 08163383206” then add the address of whichever collection center you are sending to.

Sending Your Samples to Us

Request the pick up of your samples or deliver them to the address below.

Analytical center: Suite C1 God’s Promise Building, Bells Drive, Ota. Use map below.

We suggest you use GIG, FedEx, or Tranex. However, if you do use commercial buses to send your samples to a bus park/garage, your samples will be picked up by a dispatcher at a fee agreed upon between you and him. Sending your samples through GIG will also cost a pick up fee (from their office to us) as they do not offer door delivery to our analytical center.


To request a Dispatch Pickup of your sample(s) or return of the same, click here


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