Models for Human Body

Allschoolabs offers human anatomy models depicting everything from microanatomy to full body systems. Our selection includes a variety of options from miniature, to life size, or enlarged with exquisite detail.

Our human anatomy models are appropriate for teaching whether you need an assembled, dissected or partially dissected view.

Currently, we distribute the underlisted below. We run out of stock quickly hence we need to be informed of the model you need for at least one day prior pick up or delivery.

Heart Model

Models and Skeletons

  1. Human Torso. Male/Female or Unisex
  2. Full Human Skeleton
  3. Medium sized skeleton
  4. Miniature sized skeleton
  5. Skin
  6. Pelvic
  7. Brain
  8. Nose
  9. Liver
  10. Lung
  11. Ear
  12. Teeth
  13. Skull
  14. Kidney
  15. Eye
  16. Eye with orbit
  17. Heart
  18. Head
  19. Baby in Uterus
  20. Molecular(atomic)

And More

We also have in stock prepared specimen, prepared slides and preserved animals. Moreover, you can see a list of our wall charts for your laboratories and visual learning here:

We have loaded the photos of these models and related visual aids here –, do take a look

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