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Lab Testing near me, Chemical analysis, Qualitative Quantitative analysis, at Allschoolabs research center.

Dear Client,

Here is the list of Lab testing we currently run.

Please revert to this page for updates every time before sending your samples, as some equipment may be under periodic maintenance, hence its tests on hold.

Our Current Analysis Portfolio

  1. All Kinds of  Product Testing with SOP, Technical Sheet, and Certificate of Analysis(COA) (for NAFDAC approval)

  2. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) / Elemental – Zinc, Iron, Copper, Lead, Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Magnesium, Manganese, Aluminium, Boron, Lithium, Cobalt, Tin, Molybdenum, Silicon & Phosphorus & more (Including Trace as Cadmium, Arsenic, etcetera)

  3. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

  4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR)

  5. Nuclear Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)

  6. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) – Currently The Best in Nigeria! 

  7. Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

  8. Gas Chromatography With Flame Ionization Detection(GCFID)/Electron Capture Detection(ECD)

  9. Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX)

  10. Mechanical, Hardness, Texture, Bend, Tensile, Impact test

  11. X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRD)

  12. X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

  13. Brunauer – Emmett – Teller (BET)

  14. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) / Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)

  15. Thermal Conductivity

Lab testing and chemical analysis

15. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

16. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

17. Gas Analyzer

18. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS). Please state the method in your application for analysis. (Methods: 1-Natural Product. 2-Essential Oil. 3-Phytochemical. 4-Polyaromatic. 5-Hydrocarbons (PAH) )

19. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

20. Differential Light Scanning (DLS) – Zetasizer

21. Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy (U.V). Please state the method you’d want us to use.

22. Particle Size Distribution (P.S.D)

23. Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

24. Proximate analysis: Moisture content, Ash, etcetera. Ultimate (CHNS)

25. Viscosity, Kinematic, Flash, Fire, Freezing, Pour Point, Density, Cetane index, Sulphur, etc

26. Total acid number, Di-Electric constant, SARA Fractions, etc

27. Opacity, Refractive Index

28. Amino Assays: such as Leucine, Lysine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Norleucine, Tryptophan, Valine, Methionine, Proline, Arginine, Tyrosine, Histidine, Cystine, Alanine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Threonine, Serine, Aspartic acid.

29. Animal Specimen: Haemagglutination, FMDV antibody detection, Avian Influenza.

Laboratory equipment supplier in Nigeria Allschoolabs scientific

30. Free Radical Scavenging Activity, Ferric Reducing Oxidant Powder, Toly Polyphenol content, Flavonoid, Tannin, Oxalate, Cyanide

31. Water, Wastewater & Soil: Electrical conductivity, Turbidity, PH, Total Dissolved solids, Total Hardness-EDTA, Total alkalinity, Total acidity, Total coliform, Residual chlorine, Free carbondioxide, Nitrogen, Chloride, Chromium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Total phosphate, Sulphate, Silica, Dissolved oxygen, COD, BOD, Phenol, Detergent, Oi/Grease, Bicarbonates, Carbonates, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon, BTEX, Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbon

32. Soil Tests: soil type, soil resistivity. oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), Chloride, sulfate content, and more.

33. Mechanical Tests (Hardness, Tensile, Flexural, Compression)

34. Phytochemical analysis: Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Cardenolides, Phenol, Phlabatannins

35. Drugs, Cosmetics, Water, Foods:- Energy, Refractive Index, Acid Value, Free Fatty Acid, Peroxide value, Saponification value, Specific gravity, Unsaponifiable matter, Acid insoluble ash, Reducing sugar, Titratable acidity), Salmonella, Shigella, Bacillus cereus, Vibrio, Clostridia, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Aerobic plate count, Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, Total Aflatoxin, etc

36. Gasoline, Gasoil, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK): – Flash Point, Pour Point, Distillation, Sediment, Conradson Carbon Residue, Electrical Conductivity, Copper Strip, Ash Content, Viscosity, Density, Freezing Point, Sulphated Ash, Existent Gum, Aniline Point, Doctor Test, Fuel Dilution, Acid Number, Strong Acid Number, Total Acid Number, Water Interface, Total Base Number, Total Acidity, Cloud Point, Density, Sulphur, Particulate Contamination,  Particulate Counter, Colour, Colour Comparator, Vapour Pressure

37. Torque Wrench Testing (2.70 Nm to 340 Nm)

38. Electrical Conductivity (B Cell Potentiometric)

39. Others: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs), Poly Brominated Di-Phenyl Ethers (PBDEs), Poly Aromatic Hydrogen (PAHs), N-Alkanes.


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Chemical analysis, Data Analytics, Qualitative Quantitative analysis, at Allschoolabs research center.

Chemical analysis, Data Analytics, Qualitative Quantitative analysis, at Allschoolabs research center.

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