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Preorder Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Dear client,

Thank you for your interest in Allschoolabs scientific. And thank you for choosing to order your laboratory equipment from us. We proffer the option of a preorder when it is confirmed that we do not have the requested product(s) in stock or cannot procure it from our allies.


Our conditions for preorder are the following

  1. No preorder is 100% guaranteed. We can only try from our vast influence of lab network.
  2. Orders will be supplied or delivered within 3 – 10 business days from filling out the form below.
  3. 100% payment for the item or a deposit of 5,000 naira (The current price of some equipment may be unknown prior to a preorder request) must be made before the order is processed. 
  4. Order will be delivered to the agreed location, with the client bearing the cost of delivery.
  5. Order not supplied or delivered within the above number of days will be canceled and refund processed immediately.
  6. The process to a successful refund (of 100%) takes 3 – 14 days from the cancellation of a successful order. The specific number of days before a successful refund is dependent on internal logistics.
  7. Ordered delivered but no longer needed will be exported with the client bearing full logistic costs.

To Preorder, please fill out the form below.

Please DO NOT fill this form more than once for the same entry. Thank you

Preorder Request
Preorder Price per Item: ₦5,000

For "Pay offline", please use any convenient payment method and ensure that your name appears in the narration field

Thank you for your requisition, your order is on its way to you!

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